Learn More, Explore More, and Level Up at Hawaii Palms English School.

Since 2007, we’ve been welcoming students of all ages, levels, and nationalities to Hawaii Palms English School, where we offer a variety of English language programs to help you level up and achieve your individual goals. With no more than 9 students per class, we boast the smallest student-teacher ratio in Hawaii; this allows students to receive more personal  attention from our dedicated teachers.

Outside of class, students continue their learning by participating in any of our weekly activities or by heading home to practice their English with their local host family. Regardless of the length of your stay, Hawaii Palms English School has a program to help you STUDY, PLAY, and STAY in beautiful Hawaii.


Hawaii Palms English School was my first school I went to study in Hawaii. I was nervous at first, but teachers were always helping students to understand by drawing pictures, playing a game. Also school offers fun activities such as BBQ, BYOB, YOGA. Even if you are shy person, you get along with everyone very quickly here. I especially liked the lesson which students go out with group, follow the direction, then compete with other groups. I was nervous to talk to strangers on the street, but it was lots of fun. The time I spent in Hawaii was not only improved my English, but I was able to meet many people, and it really was a precious great experience.

Thank you so much!

Misa – Tokyo, Japan misa-VOICE_10

When I enrolled at Palms, I couldn’t speak English at all. In the beginning, I was so nervous, but my teacher was great, so it helped to ease my tension. Often times, Japanese people are not good at comprehending English, but I was able to overcome that weakness. The atmosphere of the school is so nice, and I liked the fact that we get along with teachers and classmates right away.

Rennosuke – Sapporo, Japanrennosuke-VOICE_10


We’re happy to announce our new Yoga Wellness class. Practice yoga, enjoy a refreshing drink, and learn English as well as ways of living that are beneficial to the body and mind.

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The mission of Hawaii Palms English School is to provide non-native speakers of English of all ages, levels, and nationalities with a comfortable place in which to immerse themselves in a foreign culture and improve their language skills. We strive to provide students with a high-quality learning experience that will inspire them to become global citizens, as well as to serve as a link between cultures in order to promote cross-cultural understanding and interaction. To this end, we rely on the professionalism, expertise, and warmth of teachers and staff.