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Private, Semi-Private, and Group lessons are designed with one purpose in mind: to help students like you achieve your language goals.

When you register for private or group lessons, we take time before the start of your first class to get a better understanding of your goals, motivations, strengths and study habits. We work together with you to create a personalized study program that targets your, or your group’s, individual needs.

Our private and group programs offer students the convenience of a flexible schedule along with tailor-made lessons. Great for students of all ages and English levels.

Private & Semi-Private English Lessons

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

English Lessons With More Personal Attention

One-to-one private lessons or semi-private lessons (between 2 and 4 students) can be customized to create a unique plan of study just for you.

Here’s just a few of our private program proposals:

SURVIVAL ENGLISH: Learn some basics so you can communicate while traveling in Hawaii.

ENGLISH FOR RESIDENTS: Learn useful English for living in Hawaii, the US or English-speaking countries.

ENGLISH FOR WORK: Interviews, meetings, writing reports and E-mails, communication at work.

ENGLISH FOR LOCAL SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES: We’ll help you get ready for new school life in Hawaii.

ENGLISH WITH ACTIVITIES: Learn English while exploring parts of Honolulu with your teacher.


Fees for Private Lessons

Private Lessons: $60 per hour. Eleven class package is $600 (one FREE lesson for every 10 lessons purchased).
Semi-Private Lessons: $40 per hour per student (one FREE lesson for every 10 lessons purchased).


Group English Lessons

Group English Lessons

Groups of 5 or more students can register for classroom lessons, field trips, activity lessons, or language training programs.

As with private lessons, you have the flexibility of choosing the time, dates and content of your lessons.

Sample group English lesson proposals include:

CLASSROOM LESSONS: We custom-make a lesson for you and your family or friends. Lesson may be requested at school, at an outdoor location such as a park, or even at your own place – that’s right, we come to you!

FIELD TRIPS AND ACTIVITY LESSONS: Why not spend time with an English teacher exploring Oahu? We can take you and your group to the zoo, the University of Hawaii or we can go on a hike together, to museums, or anywhere else you have in mind. Just tell us what you’d like and we’ll take care of the rest.

LANGUAGE TRAINING PROGRAMS: Groups of high school or college students, groups of teachers, co-workers… We can customize a language training program that can include activities, accommodation, and even lunch. Just contact us for more information.



Learn English in the Program That's Right For You

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