Shinji Fukuoka


I am excited to be a part of the Hawaii Palms English School team. Although I am not always in Hawaii, I have a love of Hawaii and of helping people learn English. I hope you enjoy your time in Hawaii and I look forward to seeing you here at school!


Takeshi Mitsuya

COO, Owner

Affectionately known as Tak by teachers, students, and staff, he has been the owner and president of Hawaii Palms English School since 2008. Tak was born in Tokyo, Japan, and moved to Hawaii in 2005. “I love to help students who want to study English here in Hawaii. I believe learning English can open new opportunities to people and I think Hawaii is the best place to learn English.” Tak loves soccer, cooking, and discovering new places to eat. Once a month, he organizes a potluck BBQ at the beach that’s very popular with all our students.


Javier De la Cuba


Javier was born in California but he grew up in Peru and Canada. He began teaching English after graduating from university in the fall of 2000, and since then he’s been fortunate to live and teach in a number of places – he has taught English in South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Mexico, Peru, and Taiwan. He joined Palms soon after moving to Hawaii in 2009. Although he mainly focuses on managing the school, he still loves teaching and can continue to be seen in the classroom helping students from time to time. He spends most of his free time with his four favorite people, his wife and three boys.


Kayoko Perkins

Student Enrollment Coordinator, Instructor

Originally from Osaka, Japan, Kayoko was one of the founders of Hawaii Palms English School. She has lived in Hawaii for 5 years and is currently our Student Enrollment Coordinator and English Instructor. Kayoko loves to welcome new students to the school, and her friendly demeanor makes current and returning students feel at home. Now a proud U.S citizen, she wishes to share her excitement for English with all Hawaii Palms students: “I’ve experienced how being able to speak English can dramatically change your life and open up a whole new world. I’d like to share what I’ve experienced with all of you.”


Nikki Turner

Accomodation Manager

Nikki was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, and she is fluent in three languages. She studied English in Los Angeles before moving to Las Vegas to get her Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management from the University of Nevada. She has lived on the Big Island of Hawaii and been living in Oahu since 2010. As Accommodations Coordinator at Palms, she enjoys making sure students are satisfied and comfortable with their accommodation choices. In her free time, she likes to do yoga, hike, and watch movies.


Ami Tokunaga

Student Enrollment Coordinator

Ami é de Tóquio, Japão. Ela começou a dançar hula quando ela tinha 10 anos de idade e se mudou para Oahu em 2007 para ir continuar a aprender hula e participar da Universidade do Havaí. Em 2001, formou-se em Estudos de Língua Estrangeira. Ela começou a trabalhar no Palms no final de 2016 e está muito animada para conhecer e ajudar todos os novos alunos aqui na escola.


Keiko Kobayashi

Administrator, Accountant

Keiko is from Kanagawa, Japan, and has been living in Hawaii since 2005.
She joined Hawaii Palms in the fall of 2008 and is currently an administrator and the school’s accountant. She loves helping students feel comfortable while studying in Hawaii and likes to share her favorite (secret) places to eat and have fun in Honolulu. In her free time, she loves to play golf and is always looking for the newest places to eat.


Brianne Espiritu


Brianne was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. After graduating from university in Oregon with a B.A. in Business Administration and a minor in Japanese, she moved to Japan to teach English. Since the, she has taught students from all over the world in England and Hawaii. When not teaching at Hawaii Palms, she enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, and hanging out at the beach.


Scott Meister


I was born and raised on the plains of Nebraska, and I love music, especially reggae and jazz. I spent many years in the music business as a radio air-talent, DJ, and producer. I’ve lived in New York City, Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. I spent fourteen years in Japan where I ran an indies record label while also teaching English. I also ran a small B&B on Mt. Fuji with my wife for three years. I’m interested in sustainability, music, surfing, hiking, grilling, gardening, drinking beer, and enjoying life with my wife, daughter, and dog.


John Mussack


John has a Master Degree in ESL from the University of Hawaii. He taught English in China for five years, and has taught ESL locally for about 14 years, besides being an elementary-school special-education teacher. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. In his free time, John paints portraits and landscapes, acts in plays, trains and competes as a “Master” (that is, senior citizen) track athlete, and reads novels. He likes the low pressure and personalized attention of Hawaii Palms English School, and he thinks you will, too.


Ian Washburn


Ian is from San Francisco, California. He has an M.A. in psychology and a University of Cambridge CELTA certificate. He taught English in China, specializing in business and technical English for employees of multi-national organizations in Shanghai and Qingdao. He first came to Hawaii in 2010, to sail yachts back to California. He fell in love with Hawaii, especially because there are people from so many cultures. He enjoys teaching at HAWAII PALMS because the students of all ages are happy and eager to learn. He also finds that the other teachers and the staff are very helpful and friendly. He’s looking forward to seeing you in class!


Kenneth Loeber


Ken cresceu no Texas, estudou e jogou futebol na Universidade da Carolina do Sul, e correu uma casa de café com sua família no Colorado na década de 1990. Em seguida, ele estava estacionado na Califórnia com o Exército como um linguista Defesa Instituto idioma. Depois de deixar o Exército, ele voltou para a Califórnia durante seis anos tornando-se chegando ao Havaí em 2015. Ele adora viajar, ler, olhar para as estrelas, linguagens de estudo, e aprender sobre as diferentes culturas. Quando ele cresce ele quer ser Lionel Messi.


Katlin Cilliers


Katlin Cilliers nasceu e foi criado em São Paulo, Brasil. Ela tem sido ensino de Inglês como Língua Estrangeira para estudantes brasileiros e sul-americanos há mais de nove anos.
Em 2015, ela decidiu se mudar para o Havaí e é excitado para se uniram Palms Escola de Inglês. Ela ama a sua diversidade cultural e divertida atmosfera.
Ela possui um B.A em Letras (Português, Inglês e Literatura) e tem várias habilitações para a docência, CELTA entre eles. Em seu tempo livre, ela gosta de esportes como ciclismo, ioga e executando bem como estudar e se manter em contato com amigos e familiares no Brasil.

Robin Walsh

Robin Walsh


Robin is from South Florida and attended the University of Florida, receiving a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1983. He has kicked boxes in logistics and filed paper as a paralegal. He farmed and fished in Florida, then trained as an EFL instructor in San Francisco. Since then, he has taught for 15 years in Japan and the Czech Republic before coming to Honolulu in 2016. Robin failed to master surfing in both Florida and on Maui and was a mediocre motorbiker, but he managed to attain the orange belt in Tae Kwon Do. Robin now prefers to read literature. Favorite writers are Dostoevski, Faulkner, Pynchon, and Heller.


Deborah (Helen) Flynn


Deborah moved to Hawaii from Kentucky in the fall of 2016 to finish her B.SC in Geology. Teaching English at Hawaii Palms is her way of connecting people, sharing knowledge, and spreading Aloha. When Deborah isn’t teaching, she is soaking up the sun at the beach or on a hike!