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Including 'Learn English Through Yoga' Sessions


Yoga Wellness

This two-hour class is held every Friday morning from 8:45am to 10:45am.

The class is divided into two sections: Yoga Park Lesson and Wellness Workshop.

We practice basic Hatha Yoga at a beach park in Waikiki before grabbing a healthy smoothie (included in the course fee) on our way back to school for our Wellness class. Wellness topics include ways of leading a healthier life.

Yoga Wellness classes are great ways for students to practice yoga and learn about healthy lifestyles in the same class.

Registered students: $30 (1 ticket plus $10)
Non-registered students:$40


Special Yoga Wellness Workshop

Instructores: Kayoko Perkins & Guest Instructor, Mieko Hanada

Date: Wednesday, 11/29 12:30pm-3:00pm / Wednesday, 12/27 10:30am-1:00pm 
Fee: $60 (Registered students$50)

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Yoga Wellness Course

2017 Dates:11/13, 12/11
2018 Dates:2/12, 3/5, 4/9, 5/14, 6/4, 7/9, 9/10, 10/15, 11/5, 12/3


Learn English through yoga with this weekly course that is open to anybody over the age of 18. The course focuses on aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. We practice yoga at the park and conduct daily workshops related to yoga and wellness. Yoga and Wellness Seminars are held Monday – Friday.

Course starts at $390


This course is designed to help yoga instructors learn how to conduct yoga lessons in English. We cover basic yoga phrases that will help you communicate with your students. At the end of the course, students are tested on how well they conduct a yoga lesson in English.

Course starts at $680

Details for Yoga Wellness Course.
Details for English Training Course for Yoga Instructors.


Private and Group Yoga Classes

Private and group lessons are ideal for students wish to have a more taylor-made yoga class. Our instructor will spend more time focusing on your needs and lessons will flow at your own pace. Ideal for friends and family members who wish to practice yoga together.

We can practice yoga in one of our classrooms while listening to calming music and with the use of props; or we can go outside and do yoga to the rhythm of nature.

Private and group lessons are scheduled upon request, which means you can choose the dates and times that best fit your schedule.

$60 per hour for a Private Lesson

$40 per hour per student for groups of two to four students

$30 per hour per student for groups of five or more students



Jenna Robar

Hawaii Palms Yoga was the most relaxing yoga that I’ve ever experienced. Our instructor brought us under a beautiful tree, in a park, right next to the beach. While we were doing our movements & stretches, you could hear the waves on the shore and Hawaiian birds in the nearby trees. We did yoga at the best time; it was cool enough to feel the Pacific Ocean breeze, but warm enough to be at the most ideal temperature. I would do this class again in a heartbeat! Thank you, Hawaii Palms Yoga!

Jenna, April 2016


Iseko Nakamura

I decided to study English because I always regretted not studying when I was younger. I was nervous when I first joined Hawaii Palms, but the teachers were so nice and made me feel comfortable.
I really like the fact that Hawaii Palms offers many school activities, one of them being Yoga. I joined Yoga Wellness Class every Friday during my stay here.
I practice yoga in Japan and I also take yoga classes in a studio in Honolulu, but doing park yoga under the blue sky is so comfortable and gives me happiness. Kayoko’s yoga suits me and Hawaii Palms gives me happiness. Thank you so much.

Iseko, February 2016

Hale Pule

Online Yoga Course

We’ve partnered with Hale Pule, a teacher-training certified yoga studio located in our neighbor island of Kauai, to offer our students an opportunity to take some online yoga class.

A STATE OF YOGA: Foundation in Practice and Understanding, is a 10-video course that helps students transition from a basic knowledge of yoga, to a much deeper understanding of the practice. The course goes over proper postural alignment, meditation, breathing practices, as well as other concepts that are meant to help you apply your yoga training to real life.

Click here to register for this course and get $20 off when you enter “hawaiipalms” in the coupon box.

A STATE OF HEALTH: Getting started with Ayurveda, is a 10-video long course that introduces students to the basics of Ayurveda (the science of life) and ways you can easily apply its principles to your life, including tips on eating, cooking, and mindful living.

Click here to register for this course and get $30 off when you enter “hawaiipalms” in the coupon box.



Yoga Wellness Instructor

Instructor: Kayoko Perkins
Kayoko was introduced to yoga back in 2001 while she was studying English in Pennsylvania. Since then, she has tried to incorporate yoga into every aspect of her life.
At school, Kayoko loves to share her passion for practicing yoga with our students. She see a very strong connection between studying English and learning yoga because, “English can expand your mind and worldview, while yoga gives you a new perspective on life and health – there is a connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind”.
Kayoko is a certified (300 hour) Hatha Yoga Basic teacher.

Instructor: Naomi
Naomi has been living in Hawaii since XXXX, when she came to Honolulu
to study English.
She was introduced to yoga while taking a beautician course in 2005,
and has since completed an RYT200 teacher training course. In addition
to teaching yoga, Naomi is a certified lomilomi massage therapist, who combines her passion for both disciplines with a spirit of Aloha.

Guest Instructor: Mieko Hanada
Mieko is a Japanese television personality and yoga instructor. She
leads seasonal yoga classes at Hawaii Palms and offers our students
her own style of gentle yoga. Mieko also leads some of our wellness


Get Healthy & Practice Your English!

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